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Ole Miss Food Bank MBA Relief Effort

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Ole Miss Food Bank MBA Relief Effort

Combatting the Corona Virus Together


The University announced March 12 that classes would be moved online and students were encouraged to stay away from campus. Although many students were able to return home during this uncertain time, there are still many students with nowhere to go. Many of these students are experiencing additional financial struggles during this time period as a result of lost wages/tips and employment in their local jobs. These students are currently stuck on campus in dire need of food due to preventative health measures being taken and the shortage of food in grocery stores. 


The Ole Miss Food Bank has seen a drastic rise in students needing additional support since the COVID-19 pandemic. The Food Bank's operations are continuing as normal during this time with additional help being needed to accommodate the increase in demand. 


The Food Bank is monitoring the situation closely and taking additional preventative measures to ensure that food and distribution measures remain safe, including issuing meal bags to-go so that students do not expose themselves or others to the virus. 


This support initiative is being headed by a group of six MBA students seeking to make a difference in the lives of students during this uncertain time. We ask that you help us come together as an Ole Miss Family during this time period to manage this crisis and provide continued support to students. Find the package level that best supports your financial standing and make a donation to help your Ole Miss Food Bank.


Please take the time to spread the word about this important effort. 


Thank you for taking the initiative to make a difference in the lives of Ole Miss students to help them prosper and succeed academically despite the current circumstances. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. 

Choose a giving level


Grab-and-Go Bag

Provide students with a snack bag that will include items such as granola bars, popcorn, pretzels, and other healthy chips. This bag will include enough snacks for one or two days.


2 Recipe Bags

This bag contains ingredients and directions to create an entire meal with 2-4 servings per recipe.


3 Meal Swipes

Meal Swipes can be used by students at the Rebel Market and RC to obtain a variety of meals with high nutritional value.


10 Fresh Produce Package

This package will include two apples, two oranges, two bananas, a bag of carrots, and a bag of broccoli. Fresh produce is highly requested by students seeking to properly fuel their bodies and minds.


Single Week Food Supply

This package will provide an entire weeks worth of food (3 meals a day for 7 days) to a student in need.


Two Week Supply of Food

This package will provide two weeks worth of food (3 meals a day for two weeks) to a student in need.


Month Food Supply

This package will provide one student with enough food for an entire month.


Emergency Housing Package

This package will provide 4 students who are in emergency housing with 3 meals a day for 2 full weeks.

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