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Ole Miss Football October 4, 2014 Victory Celebration

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First wave of donors

October 07, 2014

Special thanks to our first group of donors that contributed before this site was live:

Katherine Adcock

Kailyn Aertker

Rachel Allen

Clayton Allen

Bryan Applewhite

Mark Austin

Justin and Angie Baker

John Ballard

Andrea Barbrey

Anna Barnett

Richard Bennett

Mary Berg

Patrick Berry

Mike Blair

Jeffrey Bloodworth

Ainsley Blue

David Boolos

Christopher Kyle Boteler

Sarah Bradley

Lenwood Brooks

Haley Brooks

Virginia Brooks

Alton and Alexis Brown

Laurie Browning

Sharon Bryan

Sharon Bryan

Irma Buchanan

Andrew Buckley

Robert Burger

Jennifer Burke

Heather Burnett

Conner Burnham

Julius Burns

Hunter Cabe

Hugh Caldwell

Jonathan Caldwell

Taylor Campbell

David Carroll

John Cassidy

August Caudle

Ben Ceranowski

Hannah Chalker

Matt Chiniche

Kayla Clark

Calen Cline

William Douglas Coleman

Don Conger

Helen Cook

Anne Cossar Cossar

Mike Counce

Alfred Cowles IV

Shae Crumpton

Wood Dale

Callie Daniels

Michael Daves

Maria Davis

Taylor Decastro

Margaret Delockery

William Denton

Claire Dickerson

Brian Doler

Adam Dungey

Scotty Dunnam

Lori Duperier

Elizabeth Dwyer

Morgan Dykes

Mike Ehrlicher

Kim Ellis

Kenny Ellis

Jessica Epting

Laura Evans

Janet Fanning

Joey Fletcher

Marie Fortier

Paul Foster

Barbara Fowler

Meredith Frazer

Liza Frick

Todd Frier

Zachary Frosch

William Fry

Erin Garrett

Courtney Gaston

Melissa Gholson

Paul Goldman

Evan Goudy

Stacy Gwin

Brian Hairston

Jeff Hansen

Jim Hanson

Clifford Harlow

Andrew Harris

Candler Harris

Doug Hawkins

Ivy Hayes

David Haynes

Keith Head

Bruce Hicks

Robert High

Kera Hoffman

Melissa Holy

Matthew Ingram

Kristen Ives

Jennifer Jeansonne

Eric Jernigan

Mary Smythe Kannapell

Anna King

Erica King

Mary Edye Labarre

Pamela Lahaye

Mary Steele Lawler

Richard Leigh

Marsha Lentz

Emma Liston

William Lomax

James Long

Samuel Love

Jennifer Lovitt

Sarah Luecke

Allen Lyon

Leigh Macy

Otis Malone

Johnny Maloney

Matthew Maready

Becky Marshall

Patty Mauldin

Julie Mccord

Lauren Mccrory

Steve Mcgraw

Edward Mcgraw

Pieper Meredith

Sharon Miller

Mary Carol Miller

Chad Miller

Tara Millis

Clarence Milstead

Rustin Moak

Kevin Moore

Steven Mullen

Chris Muller

Dusky Norsworthy

Celeste Peddy

Jamie Peffer

William Pegues

Brandon Pharr

Bradley Pierce

Benjamin Pierman

James Pitcock

Greg Price

Elizabeth Randall

Calvit Ratcliffe

Eric Ray

Jordan Redfearn

Christie Rees

Joshua Rogers

William Rogers

Herron Rowland

Matt Rushing

Lee Russell

Dawn Sanders

Max Sanders

V L Sandifer

Cooper Sandusky

Sid Seal

Hannah Sellers

Sarah Shelby

Sarah Siebert

James Simpson

Cara Singley

Karen Smith

Barbara Smith

Kendric Smith

Carter Smith

Frances Smith

Brooke and Branan Southerland

J Thomas Speed, Jr.

William Sposato

Suanne Stobaugh

Chandelle Summer

Brett Summers

Sid Taylor

Nancy Tice

Dustin Tidwell

Nicholas Turan

Malinda Turner

Dave Vaughters

Wesley Wagner

Justin Wallace

Travis Waters

Ira Weatherly

Pierce Werner

Austin Wheeler

Jeremy White

Anthony Whitehead

Richard Whitley

Lynn and Mitzi Whittington

Scott Williams

Richard Williams

Russell Wilson

Dustin Kyle Wooddall

Brandon Wright

Michael Zubick

Wow! What a response...

October 07, 2014

Rebel Nation is responding!  In less than 2 hours this afternoon, almost $50,000 has been raised.  The 3-inch goalpost piece was such a popular perk that we have converted 10 of the 6-inch pieces to 20 3-inch pieces and updated the quantities of each perk.  Keep it rolling!

Hotty Toddy!

Unreal support from Rebel Nation!!

October 07, 2014

In less than 4 hours this afternoon, Rebel Nation stepped up in a big way and we hit our goal!  There are still plenty of commemorative posters and desktop backgrounds left, so don't stop sharing the page with friends and family.  Tomorrow afternoon, we'll kick off our new "I Wear 38" ignite page where 100 powder blue helmets and other items will be available as perks!!!

Our way
of Thanking You


Thank You Letter

Thank you letter from Ross Bjork

241 of 10000 Claimed
Estimated Delivery: November 2014


Desktop Background

Receive an exclusive image for your computer's desktop background

217 of 10000 Claimed
Estimated Delivery: October 2014


Commemorative Print

Commemorative print celebrating the October 4, 2014 victory

96 of 1000 Claimed
Estimated Delivery: November 2014


3-inch Goalpost Piece

The goal post is split in half for easy mounting and donors will receive a 3-inch piece

70 of 70 Claimed
Estimated Delivery: November 2014


6-inch Goalpost Piece

The goal post is split in half for easy mounting and donors will receive a 6-inch piece

10 of 10 Claimed
Estimated Delivery: November 2014
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